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I just wanted to say Hi and thanks for a great dental job!  I am very pleased with my new smile.  I’ve had plenty of positive feedback from friends and strangers.  The day after treatment, I met a friend’s Mum in Kelowna who said, “you have beautiful teeth!!”  That was a first.  So thank you so much, they were worth every cent.  Hope you are enjoying health and happiness for 2006.  I’m enjoying summer back home in Australia and here’s a snap of me, my husband and my new smile at home.

Deb Sharpe


First of all I would like to thank Dr. Singleton and his staff for taking such wonderful care of me.

I cannot begin to express how happy I am with the work that Dr. Singleton has done on my teeth.  In just three short weeks, my teeth were completely transformed.  I would never have believed it was possible if I hadn’t had the work done myself.  Now I smile all the time and I am more self confident than ever before.  I have been told that I have a pretty smile but I never really thought so until now.  As far as cost, it is by far the best money I have ever spent on myself and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this procedure.

Again thank you Dr. Singleton and your wonderful staff.

Tammy Kammeyer


Finding a dentist who knew how to repair my broken teeth and who was willing to work on the problems my bite was causing had been a long- term struggle. Through a friend I learned about the restoration work Dr. Alan Singleton was doing. Since I had been a dental lab technician I probably came into the search for a qualified person with more knowledge than most dental patients. I wanted my teeth fixed not replaced with dentures. I knew the importance the root of the tooth plays in the health of the bone structure of my mouth and would not settle for mediocre work.

 Before beginning Dr. Alan asked a lot of questions and took an impressive set of pictures of my teeth. Seeing them on the computer screen gave me a bird’s eye view of my mouth. At that moment I wasn’t sure the damage could be successfully repaired. I had no idea how much he would be able to help me. First to be repaired was the most recent broken tooth, a molar on my lower jaw. When I left his office following the seating of the new crown I had a small booklet to read. My instructions were to read the information and let him know if anything seemed familiar. My teeth were badly worn from the many years of night grinding and teeth clenching.

 Shortly after reading the handout I called Dr.Singleton to tell him I was waking up with severe earaches that I believed was caused from clenching my teeth while I was sleeping. A new set of appointments was made. The tens unit electrodes were attached to my head and neck. I could not fathom that this strange mechanical device connected to a computer would be able to do anything for me. I was wrong. What I learned was that my worn teeth were allowing my jaw to close too much and that caused pressure at the joint near my ear. Dr.Singleton recommended an appliance on my lower teeth. The acrylic would create space between my jaws making a more natural position for my lower jaw. It all sounded great but I still was not convinced that it would work. The distance between the upper and lower teeth the new appliance would create was small. A couple of weeks later I came home with the new addition to my mouth. I was to wear it all the time. Eat with it and sleep with it.

 I followed the instructions even though it meant I had to clean the thing after every meal and snack. My tongue treated it like a new toy. The first benefit I noticed was that my mouth was no longer dry all the time. By the time I came in for the check up to see that it was correctly fit I was no longer waking up with earaches and it seemed the constant ringing in my ears was not as loud as it had been. About a month later as I watched television I realized the sound was too loud. After turning the sound down I put a finger on first one ear then the other.  For the first time in many years the sound was coming into both ears nearly equal. Could the appliance have made the difference? Gradually my sinus drainage diminished and I began to wonder if this little piece of acrylic was a miracle in disguise. I can’t remember a time when my sinuses have been so clear. Sure, when I get a cold my nose runs. But, now it doesn’t run all the time. I no longer dread the airplane flight to see my grandchildren. As the plane lands the pressure in my ears equalizes naturally now. Today the ringing in my ears is so slight I don’t even notice it. How many of these benefits can be attributed to the appliance I can not say. I just know I do not want to be without it, even if I have to wash it after every meal. That is a small price to pay for the comfort I now have.

Edna Siniff


Just a quick note to let you know how pleased I am with my “new smile”.  Ever since I was a young girl, I dreamt about having “pretty teeth”.  When I was a teenager, I even went so far as to cut paper and glue them on my front teeth just to see how it would look.  That wasn’t nearly effective, as the pictures you showed me on your computer of myself, with the change you could make.  I was amazed!

Thank you, for taking that extra time, to make everything right!