Dental Hygiene


Penticton Dental Hygienist:

Healthy gums don’t bleed

Evidence is mounting that reducing gum disease  can help increase your chances for a long and happy life.

Did you know the bacteria in your mouth can reduce your life span? Besides the cosmetic and function issues of losing teeth, research shows gum disease can contribute to some life-threatening conditions: heart disease, lung infections, diabetes, stroke and weakened immune systems. It can also worsen some forms of acne.

Bacteria in your mouth threaten your teeth, gums, and also dental restorations and cosmetic work AND YOUR HEALTH. Regular hygiene treatments at Singleton Dental  and diligent home care can help you maintain good health and keep a whiter, brighter smile for a lifetime.


Only the Best

At Singleton Dental, we focus on eliminating as much of these bacteria as possible using the latest technology, and there’s been  a dramatic improvement in the oral health of our patients. Using  “microsonic” or “ultrasonic” scalers, instead of traditional scaling, we are able to do eliminate bacteria more effectively.  An ultrasonic cleaning vibrates the tooth, quickly and comfortably dislodging plaque, tartar and toxins that can cause infections and gum disease.


Our Goal is Elimination

Prevention is the key to maintaining your oral health and your overall health–we all know that. With regular hygiene appointments and proper at home brushing and flossing, our goal is to prevent and to eliminate any potential problems so that your health is at its best.

Without treatment, gum disease or periodontal disease will not go away. It’s controllable, but not curable.

Keep your teeth and gums healthy with regular hygiene appointments at Singleton Dental.



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