Why Singleton Dental?



Penticton dentist provides life changing solutions


What’s your passion?

At Singleton Dental, we’re  passionate about your oral health. We provide better dental solutions so you have a better life.


Optimal Care

Dr. Alan Singleton of Singleton Dental understands you need to be aware of all your options, the outcomes and the cost.

Before prescribing any kind of treatment, Dr. Singleton gets to know you and your oral health by doing a thorough examination and going over the results with you. Then the two of you can discuss what the best option is for your particular situation.


Questions? Love them!

Don’t feel uncomfortable or awkward about asking questions. After all, it is your mouth and your teeth. You should have all the information you need and want.

And if you think of a question after you leave the office, by all means, call us. Dr. Singleton or any of his staff would be happy to answer any questions or concerns you might have.

Best of all, Dr. Singleton is right here in the Okanagan, providing local and affordable dental care. He’s only a few minutes away.

Do you want to have to travel for follow-up care? Life should be simple and so should follow-up treatments.

For Beautiful, Affordable and Local dental care in the heart of the Okanagon, contact Dr. Alan Singleton at Singleton Dental.