Periodontal Disease


Penticton Dentist Dr. Alan Singleton:

Gum Disease is No Laughing Matter…


At Singleton Dental, we take your oral health seriously. And we need to. Periodontal disease can contribute to or lead to consequences which can put your life at risk.

Periodontics refers to the the supporting tissues of the teeth, which includes the gums (gingiva), the supporting bone, and the ligaments that actually attach your teeth to the bone.  Periodontal breakdown is unfortunately a very common cause of tooth loss.

Typically, periodontal problems are typically not painful or otherwise obvious until they are at an extreme stage.  This is why we continue to stress the importance of prevention of disease through careful and complete oral hygiene at home.


Health consequences include an increased risk of:

  • Heart disease
  • Stroke
  • Diabetes
  • Respiratory problems


Common problems associated with gum disease:

  • “Long” teeth (receding gum lines expose the root portions of your teeth)
  • Discolored or deteriorating tooth structure
  • Gum depressions (holes in between the teeth in the gum tissue)
  • Infected gum line (discoloration or inflammation of the gum tissue)
  • Tooth loss or tooth movement

The periodontal health of our patients is carefully monitored by our team of dental hygienists, who will check and record the support of your teeth at each of your cleaning visits.  Periodontal disease is a bacterial and inflammatory problem that is usually treated by removal of the bacteria, their toxic products, and any affected tissue. 

The careful use of dental floss to clean the teeth and stimulate the gums is necessary for healthy periodontal tissues.  If you are not flossing your teeth daily, you are leaving bacteria on your teeth and gums and are on a path that inevitably leads to tooth loss.  We take flossing seriously, and so should you!

All patients who receive regular dental hygiene and check-ups at Singleton Dental will be checked for periodontal health.



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