Dental Implants

Penticton Dental Implants

Implants are the ideal solution for missing teeth because they are fixed in place and don’t move. They are artificial teeth roots made from titanium screws and are placed in the upper or lower jaw to support restoration of one tooth or several teeth. Once they are set in the jaw, permanent teeth can be attached to them and unlike traditional dentures, they function closely to natural teeth.


Benefits of implants?

  • Feel natural—you’ll look like yourself
  • Improved confidence—no worries about slipping or sliding dentures
  • Confidence—you can relax during conversation and eating
  • Balanced diet – no need to give up certain foods.
  • Look like natural teeth
  • Increased preservation of bone
  • Decreased gum tissue shrinkage
  • Less food trapped under dentures


For more information on implants, go to IMPLANT FAQs.


For BEAUTIFUL, AFFORDABLE AND LOCAL implants, contact Dr. Alan Singleton, Okanagan dentist.